z the art

Born in 1989, I was a product of the 90’s influenced by comic books, small scale models, punk rock, skateboards, boogie boarding, bmx, tattoo ink, pop-art, graffiti and Chicano culture. Painting model cars and dioramas is how I learned to use a spray can and other mediums at a very young age. By the time graffiti got my attention I was well experienced in a variety of art forms that artists were using on the streets. Graffiti letters and stencils came natural as a teen. As a young adult I created over dozens of large scale multi medium pieces of art work all over the world. Art wasn’t nearly an adolescent stage for me. Growing up, I developed several art curriculums, hosted a series of creative spray paint workshops with high profile companies and non-profit organizations. Now a former middle school art instructor, art has become a way of living and contributing to society. You can now see my work in restaurants, apartment buidlings, apparel, various products and here.